Guidelines for Campus Organizations Decorations of small plots around BUG Garden trees


1.      STUDENT CONDUCT: The BUG Community Garden is considered Texas Southern University property. Therefore while on the premises students are to act according to the policies set forth by the Texas Southern University Student Code of Conduct. Any student violating the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the premises and will be reported to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services/Dean of Students. The Texas Southern University Student Code of Conduct can be found Here.


2.      CRITERIA: Open to all campus organizations registered and active on campus. Organizations that have been banned from the campus of Texas Southern University or on probation for any reason will not be allowed to participate until probation is repealed.


3.      LOCATION: Tree locations are on a first come serve bases. 


4.      PLOT DECORATIONS: Decorations will be done in an area around a single tree approximately 4’x4’. Decorations may consist of but not be limited to painted stones, pavers, plaques, bricks, consistent with the organizations national charter. Any and all paint used to decorate items for display within the plots must be water based paint. Trees are not to be painted under any circumstances. If rules are not followed fines will be assessed or the violating organization may not be allowed continued participation and the decorations will be disposed of. Plans for proposed displays must be submitted two weeks in advance and approved by the BUG Executive Board prior to installation. Any items used in the display décor causing damage to BUG property, deemed in poor taste or unacceptable to Blodgett Urban Gardens administration; must be removed immediately by the organization responsible.