Garden Bed Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

When does the sponsorship start and end?

Sponsorship start when payment is processes and ends a year after the payment is processed.

How frequent are sponsors required to tend their sponsored beds?

We do not require sponsors to tend to their sponsored beds. However we encourage sponsors to come out at least once a month. 

Will equipment be provided when a sponsor comes out to tend their sponsored beds?

Yes, please give us at least one (1) weeks notice before the date you wish to tent your beds.

How many people are needed to tend to the sponsored beds?

At least five (5) people are recommended to tend to the sponsored bed.

When a sponsor tends their sponsored bed will a representative from BUG be there to guide them?

Yes, a representative from Blodgett Urban Gardens must be present while sponsors are at the Blodgett Urban Garden.

How long are sponsors encouraged to tend their sponsored beds if they choose to?

Sponsors are encouraged to tend their sponsored beds if they choose to for at least one (1) hour.

Will plants or seeds be provided to sponsors?


what types of plants can be grown in the garden bed?

Sponsors will be given a list of approved plants to be grown that season. 

Can sponsors volunteer in the greenhouse as well?

Yes as long as there is a representative from the organization present. 

Where is the Third Ward community Farm located?

The Third Ward Community Farm is located at 3216 Blodgett Houston, TX 77004 on the corner of Blodgett and Sauer.

Where is the greenhouse located?

The greenhouse is located on the campus of Texas Southern University in the Science Building room 225.